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Welcome to ShelterSol 

Welcome to ShelterSol Holdings 

ShelterSol Group aims to achieve client satisfaction by acting as a One Stop housing solutions provider to all our valued clients in the low and modest income levels. The various products offered by the three subsidiaries of the Group are meant to work together to ensure that the wide range of clients’ housing needs are met under one roof.

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ShelterSol Finance is a wholly owned subsidiary of the One Stop housing solutions Group ShelterSol Holdings. It finances products and operations of other subsidiaries.

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   Our Projects

Bulawayo Housing Project Phase 1


 During the years 2016 and 2017 ShelterSol constructed 150 units in Cowdray Park, Pumula South and Pelandabe West. The clients were awarded 5 year affordable mortgages.

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Masvingo Housing Project Phase 1

MasvingoImgShelterSol constructed 50 units units in Victoria Ranch and Runyararo West during the years 2016 and 2017. The 50 clients are on 5 year mortgages. 

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Upcoming Projects


Land is not an infinite resource, and as the world is moving towards urban densification to ensure effective use of land, ShelterSol's vision in the near future is to get involved in constuction of skyrise residential buildings  to accomodate the low income home seekers 

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HouseModelPicAbout ShelterSol Holdings (Pvt) Ltd

SheltorSol Holdings Private Limited is a locally registered company, operating as a Commmunity Development Enterprise through its subsidiary  namely ShelterSol Finance( Pvt) ltd which is licensed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe as a Micro-Financier, ShelterSol Manufacturing Department and Sheltersol Property Development Department. Our desire is to efficiently and effectively deliver adequate housing and related infrastructure, targeting the low and modest income homeseekers in Zimbabwe.

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